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Over the years, Bayards Aluminium Solutions has manufactured numerous infrastructural solutions in aluminium. In addition, to complete aluminium pedestrian bridges and cycle bridges, Bayards has specialised in bridge deck replacements. Our infrastructural applications are not only lightweight and have minimal maintenance but can also be installed quickly on site. Because the parts are fully prefabricated and lightweight, our structures require minimal foundation, which results in minimal, short-term traffic hinder on site. Whether a new bridge or bridge deck replacement, the installation is ready in no time, and the product can be used immediately.



Together with the Dutch research institute TNO, DHV, XX Architects and the Ministry of Transport, Bayards has developed the floating road, which can easily be placed on any water surface. It consists of lightweight aluminium modules, fit for one-way traffic with a speed of 80km/h. The floating road offers an immediate solution in situations when roads and bridges are temporarily inaccessible.

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