Offshore Specialties


We are offering solutions for weight limitation challenges and low maintenance costs considerations without compromising on the strength of structures: the golden combination for the offshore industry! Read more and experience the many benefits of Bayards’ aluminium offshore structures!


Weight reduction of up to 50% compared to the conventional steel living quarter structure and, on top of that, excellent corrosion resistance. Hardly any maintenance, no more painting, 35 years plus design life, hence extremely low cost of ownership.


Looking for full integration of lighting, fire detection, communication and safety walking according to the globally applicable and strict safety standards? Then our professional engineers can develop a clear construction kit in cooperation with the client, which can simply be transported to destinations worldwide. Moreover, Bayards supplies all thinkable forms of cladding, including A60-cladding.


Bayards offers lightweight gangways of aluminium. After all, there’s nothing more important than the connection between the offshore platform, the vessel, ships and quays. The lighter it is, the lighter the powering for the three-movement planes, slewing, luffing and telescoping. Bayards’ lightweight gangways connect the dots and keep it together!


People are the most valuable assets of your enterprise. At Bayards, we understand how important it is to keep them from harm’s way. The Bayards Handrail System is designed to ensure that your staff feels safe while performing their daily tasks regardless of the weather conditions, the time of day, indoors or outdoors. A slippery deck and high winds create a hazardous work environment; Bayards Handrail System can help give you and your employees peace of mind that they are protected during their workday duties. Our Handrail System protects your people directly and prevents goods or equipment from falling onto lower decks or platforms, doing double duty and shielding people from harm. As an additional safety measure, the system is perfectly suitable for attaching lighting and cable trays. The Bayards Handrail System reliably stands firm to protect your people and your goods, and because of its unique design and the materials used, it will look great while doing its job for many years to come.

Bayards Flex Barriers

Introducing the Bayards Flex Barriers - the ultimate solution for safeguarding your employees and valuable assets. Working seamlessly with the Bayards Handrail System, this heavy-duty barrier offers maximum protection for your cargo, ship, or platform. Designed with robustness in mind, it serves as a bumper to absorb heavy impacts from loading and unloading operations, even in high wind conditions. Imagine a 10-ton container colliding with a velocity of 1m/s - the Heavy Flex Barriers are there to shield your people, cargo, and vessel from harm. Trust the Bayards Heavy Flex Barriers to keep your operations safe and secure. 

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