Lightweight Multi-Purpose Containers and silos

Bayards’ lightweight and maintenance-free containers can drastically reduce the fuel expenditures during their full lifecycle. The freedom in design offers many possibilities to adapt the containers to all means of transports as well as for all types of cargos. Bayards designs, engineers and can build tank containers, containers for bulk cargo, refrigerated and deep freeze containers, flat racks and flatbeds. Our containers are tailored to the client’s specific requirements, and are also available as a standard version with the usual options, such as manholes, loading doors, butterfly valve outlets and handles.

Customised aluminium containers

Our containers always comply with ISO, UIC-TIR, CCS and Lloyd’s.

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endless possibilites

Bayards offers great aluminium solutions in the transport industry with lightweight multi-purpose containers. The defence industry uses these containers for transport, and our containers are used for various other vehicles and cargo. We offer a wide range of aluminium transport containers for products that can vary from chemicals to transports for the food industry. Bayards delivers lightweight multi-purposed containers, open top containers, insulated containers, accommodation containers, containers for chemical transport, trailer chassis and tank trailers.

There is no lack of options when it comes to Bayards’ containers. They can adapt to every product with different possibilities, like refrigerated and deep-freeze containers and containers for chemical transport and standard containers with maintenance holes, loading doors, butterfly valve outlets and handles. Even these containers can transport the most hazardous materials safely and economically. Moreover, since Bayards’ containers are lightweight and maintenance-free, fuel expenditures can be reduced drastically. It is safe to say that we put corporate social responsibility on our agenda!

Customised chemical silos

Chemical storage tanks are widely used in the the chemical industry to store carbon black, activated carbon, calcined coke, urea, alumina, sodium carbonate, fly ash, desulphurization gypsum and other chemical products.

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